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What Happens During a Spiritual Direction Session

Spiritual Direction is spiritual companionship
Spiritual Direction is a journey

Most often, I see directees for one hour each month, but really it’s the directee (and, of course, the Holy Spirit) who determines the pace of the meeting and what is discussed. While every Spiritual Director is different, sessions occur in either an office space, retreat center, or via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, etc. I usually suggest new directees meet with/consider a couple of other spiritual directors and then prayerfully decide which person will best accompany them on the spiritual journey. Therefore, I offer a FREE session for an initial meet and greet and to answer any and all questions.

Spiritual Direction Sessions Begin

Each session begins with prayer and a few minutes of silence. Then the hour belongs to the directee — with the freedom to share honestly and authentically about their prayer life, relationship with God, and faith experiences. As the director, I will ask questions to help process such experiences, allowing space for self-discovery and awareness of God’s presence. This is a no-judgment, rebuke-free zone that is CONFIDENTIAL!

Spiritual Directors are Great Travel Companions

Although spiritual direction could possibly look and feel like counseling at times, I maintain that it is not counseling or therapy and that the Holy Spirit is the true director. Should the need arise, I encourage any and all additional help my clients wish to pursue, including another spiritual director, counselor, or therapist. My only agenda is to be the best traveling buddy, and I consider it an honor to accompany you on your spiritual journey.

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