"He (God) overwhelms me. I laugh, I cry, I dance,
I sing, I write, as if my body, just can't contain all this
praise inside."

Shonda Carter is one of those "Insanely Gifted" Christians, which

makes her the perfect Creative Cattle-prod for her clients.  Currently,

Shonda is in pursuit of her M.A. in Divinity (Spiritual Formation)

and certification in the art of Spiritual Direction.  She is also a

 #1 Amazon bestselling author, whose greatest joy is in helping

people find and develop their purpose and to encourage believers

to reclaim the arts for God. It is through her arsenal of knowledge and

performance skills she is able to get any client and/or message boring,

unstuck and understood!  She brings over 10 years of experience

speaking on every size stage and for every type of audience

(from inmates to Evangelist). 


When she is not touring with her "Won" Woman Show she speaks

and films across the US.   She has keynoted the I Am Enough In Christ

Women's Conference, Women of Purpose Conference, the

Oklahoma Women’s Network Conference,  as well as dozens of churches, colleges, and businesses.

Shonda has served over 15 years in the media industry including a jaunt as an evening news producer.  This glamorous sounding career pursuit came after she walked away from her stint as a Probation/Parole officer.  She currently writes, produces, directs and acts in her own productions that have been featured on stage as well as National Film Festivals.  She is President of ShoStopper Productions LLC, a creative agency, Founder of Boring Buster – A Full-Service Video Production Studio and Witty Worship, a Faith-based movement specializing in parables and spiritual parodies.

Not only is she a smart and savvy businesswoman, her work as a NOMWWII (Not On My Watch Women’s Initiative) Advisory Board Member and A-Team Leader with the A-21 Foundation have made her a pillar of her community.

Shonda’s work has been screened in several Independent Film Festivals, receiving rave reviews for her creativity in the “special challenge” category at the Trail Dance Film Festival. Her corporate clients have included The United Way and Toastmasters International as well as numerous entrepreneurs. Therefore, her arsenal of knowledge helps her fearlessly fight back against communication crimes to establish successful relationships via visual marketing.

Whether live or on video, Shonda’s stories, humor, and cutting-edge creativity deliver memorable presentations and provokes evolutionary action.  Her resume is filled with an impressive list of accomplishments, but if you ask HER what she does–her response will always be the same:  

“I am a walking permission slip for a legion of like-minded souls!”

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