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What's It About?

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Me, Myself and Why? This powerful "WON"-Woman Show follows a self-described "ordinary" woman who dares to pursue her God-given destiny. During her epic journey, she discovers a plethora of biblical "characters" and real-life situations that assist in her perspective, purpose, passion, and progress.
Coming to grips with what it REALLY means to be in the will of God, this woman's struggle gives the audience comedic, dramatic, practical, and biblical keys to fulfilling their own dreams, revealing  there's no limit when we choose to pursue the dreams He gives us for His glory.

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Cast of Characters


The Proverbs 31 woman she is definitely not, neither is she without spot or wrinkle. 

This carnal Christian is a perfect 3-d example of why we should strive to walk in the Spirit. 

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Excuses, excuses, and more excuses. They’re easy to make and even easier to live by.  This woman is searching for purpose - but only if she can stay in her comfort zone. 

Will she "surrender all" or keep chasing the wind (Ecc 2:11).

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Sarai’s envy of Hagar and Hagar’s lack of sympathy for barren Sarai, turned them both into Mean Girls. But this servant girl helps you realize the importance of finding your OWN promise from God. If you don't you will spend the rest of your life watching that big belly being pushed in your face.

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 In the words of one famous rapper, "Money, power, respect helped her sleep at night."  While most scholars study her kind heart, this woman takes the stage to share her experience of God's insistence on blessings,  even if you haven't asked (or stopped asking). This mama helps us never again settle for anything less than God has given you.


Sarai is the first woman in Scripture described as barren, though certainly not the last. But do you know what she did last?  The last laugh!  God’s people are compared to a barren woman. Whether we’re praying for a husband, for a child, or for a fresh start, Sarah's story offers hope to all who thought it was too late.

And Many More....

The cast of characters is compromised of several biblical characters and real life situations based upon the theme of the Holy Spirits message.
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Shonda Carter- Writer, Director, Producer & Edifying Entertainer

Shonda Carter is an author, "rule" breaker and Bible skit maker. She has an M.A. in Christian Spirituality & Formation.  She is currently in pursuit of certification in the art of Spiritual Direction. As a director, producer, actress, #1 Amazon bestselling author, and popular Christian variety show host, she has a unique perspective on the creative world of message creation and delivery.
Shonda is currently the CEO of ShoStopper Productions, a creative agency conceived to evangelize across multiple platforms and capture the humanity of complex social causes. She began her 2nd career as a local evening news producer. In the years since then, she has worked in nearly every facet of creativity including acceptance in the “special challenge” categories at various film festivals.
While Shonda loves the stage, it comes second to her blended family with her husband Kenneth. They have three daughters, two sons, and four grandchildren. They live in Lawton, Oklahoma.


It was phenomenal!!! I laughed, I cried, I felt my heart pricked by touching moments from some of the characters whose story related to my own life. It was ALL AROUND GOOD. POWERFUL is probably the better word.


Candace T.

The Book That

Started It All

"God Is For Reel" challenges the idea that art and entertainment are only worldly, corrupted and immoral and demands that those with such gifts stand up, press forward, and "reclaim the arts for God."

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