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Forget the Fifth, Plead the Blood

Pleading the blood?  Hmmm, what does that even mean?  Yes, like most of you I have heard this expression several times.  But what does it entail? I have heard it used to cover guilt, condemnation and even door post (Ex 12:7) but how can we embrace this power in our everyday lives. 

 According to my research: “Pleading the blood” is actually a legal term. Think of it like a lawyer pleading his case. He/She presents the evidence to support the case. We have examples of this term in the Old Testament (1 Samuel 24:15; Psalm 43:1).

I took me a while to actually publish the blog and now I understand why.  You see sometimes we as Christians can get away with (at least for a little while) quoting scriptures without having personal experience.  While I knew that "pleading the blood" was an option I had never truly experienced a necessity to do so.  That is until I wrote a "Christian" book (God is For REEL) with the hopes of inspiring my fellow believers. Out of what seemed like nowhere I was bombarded with accusations...not only from outside "trusted" sources but from my own mind as well.

But I am so grateful that I discovered the true meaning of pleading the blood.  I discovered that when the accuser says we’re guilty, our plea before God, the Righteous Judge, is the blood of Jesus. The blood changed everything.  It is our defense. It declares we are not guilty but free from all penalty of sin.

"The blood also gives us the authority and dominion to resist Satan and put him out of all the affairs of our lives and our families’ lives".--Kenneth Copeland

We don't have to wait until we "go to court", every day we have the right to exercise that authority by pleading what the blood of Jesus has done for you. Satan is a defeated foe and through the precious blood of Jesus, we are victorious!

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