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designed to explore our Spiritual Formation through the story. 



RIZPAH: Mourning or Madness? 

Rizpah: Mourning or Madness is a documentary designed to explore our Spiritual Formation and elements of Spiritual Direction through the story. This biblical documentary allows us to sit with 2 Samuel 3:6-11 and 21:1-14, listen to the characters' voices, and feel their emotions. There is much to be learned through Rizpah's story as it offers insight into trauma, healing, reconciliation, and motivation for deep and abiding social change. 


MICHAL: A Story of Devotion, Dismissal, Devastation and Divine Design 

This documentary examines the story of Michal, King Saul's daughter and Davids first wife (1 Samuel 14:49; 18:20-28; 19:11-17; 25:44; 2 Samuel 3:13, 14; 6:16-23; 21:8; 1 Chronicles 15:29) 

She is accused of never quite grasping her husband's religious zeal.  However it seems that some folks skip over the credit she is due for helping David in his early struggles (saving his life) long before he was king. 

Shonda Carter creates Michal Documentary

Future Projects

This series of documentaries ask the "hard questions" while exploring the stories of women in the Bible to communicate to marginalized, overlooked, voiceless, devalued, and abused women that they are still precious in the eyes of God, no matter what has happened in their lives.

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