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Used Not Chosen?

I’m going, to be honest. I have watched faith-based movies for years, and most weren’t good. Please don’t hate me. Frankly, I found them poorly written (changing the original Bible story) and sometimes, just plain corny.

And yet, I still tried to watch these films as much as possible because of the underlying message of the Gospel.

However, I notice that some specific stories or subjects are ignored completely. The Bible is the bestselling book of all time for a reason. With such great material to work with, our movies should be profound, imaginative works of art that make us think, inspire, question, and "wrestle."

That is why we are creating this series of documentaries that features complicated stories that wrestle with some big questions and struggles: why did this happen? Where were You/are You,

God? Why me?

Our world craves authenticity. One powerful way to reach the world is through movies. If you are already supporting Christian films, I urge you to continue and encourage others. If you have not, I hope you will consider it now.

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