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Called to Biznistry?

It is a shame that people who work in a “secular” job will be tempted to think of work as less significant or less God-honoring than a person who does work considered "spiritual."  I used to struggle here, and over the years I have met many others who struggle with a sense of purpose in their daily work — wondering if they need instead to give themselves to pastoral work or Christian ministry in order to truly “do God’s will.”

I am glad to say that I no longer give it a second thought.  While ministry is an excellent God-honoring vocation, it is not the only work that can be to honor God. To put it simply, vocation is the specific work that God has called each of us to. And vocation is not limited to those who serve in Christian ministry.

"In fact, God calls the vast majority of Christians to “common” spheres of work such as business, or academia, or carpentry, or law, or healthcare, or homemaking. As we faithfully give ourselves to this calling, we are God’s agents to love others and to even accomplish his will on earth." --Andre Yee

Assuming your work is honorable and honest, assuming it is a means to serve the needs of others, that work is ministerial in nature. In that sense, your work is no different from that of a pastor or missionary.

Our work is ministerial because we are ambassadors of Christ to the specific realm of work He’s called us to.

We love our neighbors best when we bring the good news to them. Like Paul, we must see ourselves as ambassadors, bearing the message of reconciliation to an unbelieving world (2 Corinthians 5:20).

For many years, I viewed my "silly" videos as less than "real" ministry." During those years, I failed to appreciate the privilege of representing Jesus to fellow visual learners and my customers. I wasted a lot of time wishing I could be of "use" in other more meaningful ways (a prophet or deep spiritual teacher), and I overlooked the fact that God has called me to represent Him in a creative way.

You were not assigned your gifts and talents by accident. It may have felt like you landed where you are due to random circumstances, but God has been sovereignly guiding you. Your line of work is no accident. Your workplace is no accident. Your vocational ship has sailed to where it is thus far because God has been guiding you. He has placed you where you are because he has need of you — or, better, as Luther puts it — your neighbor has need of you. May we joyfully and faithfully pursue this high calling of God.  Feed and tend to HIS SHEEP!

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